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X-ray scanner Vista Scan

S X-ray scanner Vista Scan is a digital device for reading images of teeth produced by Durr Dental company, which has 40 years of experience in the field of radiology imaging. Using the latest technology, Vista Scan scanner enables dentists in our Dental Clinic to perform X-rays with the highest resolution to meet all the diagnostic needs. Image form VistaScan enables very fast diagnostics. The investigation’s results are read with the utmost precision within space of few seconds.

X-ray image scanner:

Skaner płyt obrazowych RTG Vista Scan

The device is connected via a network with every computer in our Clinic, so that our doctors have access to the X-ray images in any office, directly from the work site. This is a very convenient solution for both the doctor and the patient.

Skaner Płyta obrazowych RTG Vista Scan

The captured image is read by a dental scanner and immediately processed is converted to digital form. Radiograph in this form is characterized by perfect accuracy and clarity. In order to extract from the images even more information, the use a variety of graphic filters is possible. The advantage of digital images is also the ease of filing and storage, and the ability to export it in digital form directly on digital media of a patient or physician.