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Reciproc – endodontic micromotor

Reciproc – an endodontic micromotor is a modern endodontic tool that allows the endodontist to easily and clinically safe for the patient, for a very precise, mechanical development of the canal system during endodontic treatment. The built-in endometer is a very big advantage of this endodontic micromotor. It allows you to work with files in the channel under constant control. This prevents irritation of periapical tissues and allows for the accurate development of the entire canal to the apex itself. The key factor in root canal treatment seems to be the refining and development of all the channels precisely to get rid of the bacteria. Widely used, hand-operated duct files also enable this. However, they are not as effective and effective as machine files put on the endodontic micromotor.

Reciproc – endodontic micromotor:

Reciproc also has special settings for a revolutionary mode of operation, performing so-called reciprocal movement (right – left). This allows the development of even the most curved roots, with minimal risk of breaking the tool. The micromotor has a controlled torque for safe use of various NiTi files. These are special nickel-titanium machine files. They are characterized by very high flexibility and breaking strength. They enable safe work in difficult conditions of curved and narrowed roots canals.

The Reciproc endodontic system, in combination with the microscope and the systems for thermal condensation of gutta-percha, allows our dentists to properly carry out root canal treatment, often significantly reducing the duration of treatments.