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NSK digital endometer

The iPex dental digital endometer was presented during the international IDS 2013 fair in Cologne. This is a product of the Japanese NSK group. What distinguishes the iPex endometer from others is the great ease and simplicity in use and precision of measurement. The endometer is used to measure root canal length. Measuring the length of the canals with an endometer is a precise, quick and painless method for the patient. The endometer consists of two electrodes and a central unit. One of the electrodes is attached to the lip, the other one is attached to a tool, which may be an endodontic device, endodontic contra angle, and other duct devices.


How does a digital endometer work?

The endoscope of the NSK digital endometer uses the fact that there is constant electrical resistance between the oral mucosa and the tissues surrounding the tooth root. After opening the tooth by the dentist, a channel tool is inserted into the canal. On the central unit’s monitor, an endometer, you can observe at which depth the tool is currently located. Accuracy of measurement every 0.1 mm allows you to accurately determine the peak reached, signaling the sound of its exceeding. The display shows the operating status in the channel in both the “linear” version and the digital position of the root tool.

The new improved NSK peak endometr digital has been developed to measure the exact length of the canal in all conditions that can prevail in the mouth: dry, wet, also those with a blood leak. Among the many advantages that this modern endometer possesses, you can distinguish:

  • quick and accurate measurements,
  • fast and accurate measurements,
  • peak position locator and easy to use interface.

The iPex endometer guarantees safety during root canal treatment and provides better patient comfort without exposure to harmful X-rays.