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Seliga Dental Microscope

Seliga Dental Microscope is a very modern equipment that allows us to conduct treatments at the highest and most advanced world standards. Microsoft provides a physician with an additional lighting treatment area. Good visibility is the foundation of proper dental care, and strong magnification field of view is a guarantee of the accuracy of a doctor. The microscope allows magnification from 1.5x to 27x. Use of the microscope allows you to perform proper treatment in many difficult situations.

Mikroskop stomatologiczny Seliga

What is the dental microscope for?

In endodontics, or during root canal treatment the microscope allows the proper development of channels with atypical anatomy, finding additional channels, removal of broken root canal endodontic instruments and obliterated channel patency (occluded). In our clinic dental microscope is also used in implantology, surgical and prosthetic, ensuring the highest possible standard of care.

Mikroskop stomatologiczny Seliga Slide 00

Excellent addition to our work with additional lighting are dental loupes. They are often used during treatments due to its compact size, ease of use, and independent power supply. It increases the range of treatment field to 2.5x, and the brightness of treated area to 70,000 lux.