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Dental Implants Systems

Dental implants systems used by our dentists are formed by combining the latest technology and experience of thousands of physicians and scientists working around the world. Our physicians in their daily practice systems use proven and reputable manufacturers such as NeoBiotech, Implant Direct, MIS, ICX and others. The biggest influence on the choice of a particular system is the individual clinical situation.

Systemy Implantologiczne

What implant systems do we use?

Dental implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible material with human tissue. Titanium has very desirable qualities – as the material is not seen by the body as a foreign body which causes very strong and durable connection – this phenomenon is called osseointegration. The latest and proven implant systems are characterized by a wide range of dental implants in a full range of sizes, for all indications, bone types and surgical protocols, so as to meet the requirements of the patient at all levels and his chosen method of treatment.

Additional elements of the restorations are made of gold alloys, polymers or titanium. A wide range of prosthetic fittings, including the possibility of making individual connectors, allows you to perform very aesthetic restorations and ensures high durability of the work.

Systemy implantologiczne

Implant’s geometry ensures excellent stabilization of implants in three areas – in the lamina cortical bone, cancellous central part and in the lower cortical bone. The initial stabilization of the implant during the osseointegration process, reduces the risk of failure of implantation.

The surface of titanium dental implants is specially prepared and enriched by sandblasting and etching of titanium. These treatments significantly increase the strength of its maintenance. In addition, so-prepared surface stimulates bone cells to grow and accelerate osseointegration of the implant. Very important for the overall treatment is the nature and quality of the connection between implant and connector. Recent advances in the design of implants allow you to create impenetrable seal between the top of the implant and the other elements and soft tissue – gum. This prevents the ingress of bacteria and minimizes the risk of bone loss and significantly affect the aesthetics of the implant.