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Computed Tomography 3D

The latest 3D computer tomography Veraviewepocs, renowned by Japanese firm Morita – a leading manufacturer of dental equipment in the world with nearly 100 years of tradition, is available in our clinic. Veraviewepocs 3D is the most advanced, fully digital camera for taking pictures of both 2D (pantomographic) and 3D (CT). It has a high-frequency generator that gives maximum reduction of soft radiation, ensuring the safety of the patient as well as the operating personnel.

The new and completely unique field imaging arch abandons the typical cylindrical shape for the new triangular form. By better adaptation to the natural shape of the arch is a groundbreaking field imaging reduces the radiation dose by excluding areas outside of the jaw. Dimensions corresponding to a diameter of 100 mm, allows doctors to complete scan of the upper or lower arch, which is particularly important when planning implant restoration. Digital 2D and 3D pictures are the most modern and most accurate form of diagnostics available in today’s dentistry.

Tomograf komputerowy 3G

The success of implant treatment starts with the correct identification of anatomical structures such as maxillary sinus, lower alveolar nerve and the true and accurate picture of the bone structure in high definition. Computed tomography 3D Veraviewepocs is an ideal diagnostic tool. High resolution of 3D image allows us to create a three-dimensional model of the entire jaw. Thanks to this model, we can easily show and explain step by step stages of implant and surgical treatment. The software has a library of implants, which allows a doctor to create realistic presentation for patients. By converting the 3D image format DICOM implant simulations may be used to perform surgical templates, allowing to carry out the treatment even with a high degree of difficulty.

The 2D images (pantomographic) are a very important part of the daily work of our Dental Clinic. These are pictures of the review of the general condition of all teeth, tooth buds and their surrounding structures such as bone and jaw, etc. What is more, it is also helpful in assessing malformations, trauma and tumors. Computed tomography can detect many abnormalities. Pantomogram also gives insight into the state of bone which is imporant for treatment planning of implants . The radiation dose emitted during the test is approximately equal to the typical 3-5 images. The pantomographic photo taken by our trained staff is non-invasive and quick procedure, lasting only several seconds. Stock Pantomographic should be performed periodically in order to control the whole state of the masticatory system, and particularly in the prevention of tooth decay. The frequency of consecutive images depends on the individual health state, age, susceptibility to dental caries tissue, the risk of diseases and any signs of diseases. Example of a typical photo pantomographic (2D) looks like one below:

Tomografia komputerowa

If the data we need must be much more accurate, this is, reflecting the real extent of tissue imaging – upper and lower jaw, we use 3D computed tomography. This study highlights all the anatomical structures that can be mapped on the 2D image. As an example would be a very detailed map of the course of the lower alveolar nerve or sinus. This is of great importance while planning procedures in the field of implantology and oral surgery. Study using CT scanner is painless and non-invasive. It provides very detailed information that can be processed digitally on three-dimensional images. What is more, it has a relatively quick and easy course. It allows doctors to complete scan of the upper or lower arch, which is particularly important when planning implant treatment. The following examples of images were created during computed tomography in our clinic:

3D imaging is also used in endodontics. It allows the identification of problems that standard 2D photos cannot capture. It is particularly useful when additional root canals, perforations or complex anatomy of the tooth appears.