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Our clinic is equipped with the first-class diagnostic and treatment facilities. We invest only in equipment from prestigious companies that are known on the market, and are recommended by dentists all over the world. As a result, we are able to offer you the highest standard services and ensure you full professionalism and safety during visits in our clinic.


NSK digital endometer

The iPex dental digital endometer was presented during the international IDS 2013 fair in Cologne. This is a product of the Japanese NSK group. What distinguishes the iPex endometer from others is the great ease and simplicity in use and precision of measurement. The endometer is used to measure root […]

Reciproc – endodontic micromotor

Reciproc – an endodontic micromotor is a modern endodontic tool that allows the endodontist to easily and clinically safe for the patient, for a very precise, mechanical development of the canal system during endodontic treatment. The built-in endometer is a very big advantage of this endodontic micromotor. It allows you […]

Skaner płyt obrazowych RTG Vista Scan

X-ray scanner Vista Scan

S X-ray scanner Vista Scan is a digital device for reading images of teeth produced by Durr Dental company, which has 40 years of experience in the field of radiology imaging. Using the latest technology, Vista Scan scanner enables dentists in our Dental Clinic to perform X-rays with the highest […]

Systemy implantologiczne

Dental Implants Systems

Dental implants systems used by our dentists are formed by combining the latest technology and experience of thousands of physicians and scientists working around the world. Our physicians in their daily practice systems use proven and reputable manufacturers such as NeoBiotech, Implant Direct, MIS, ICX and others. The biggest influence […]


Computed Tomography 3D

The latest 3D computer tomography Veraviewepocs, renowned by Japanese firm Morita – a leading manufacturer of dental equipment in the world with nearly 100 years of tradition, is available in our clinic. Veraviewepocs 3D is the most advanced, fully digital camera for taking pictures of both 2D (pantomographic) and 3D […]

Mikroskop stomatologiczny Seliga Slide 00

Seliga Dental Microscope

Seliga Dental Microscope is a very modern equipment that allows us to conduct treatments at the highest and most advanced world standards. Microsoft provides a physician with an additional lighting treatment area. Good visibility is the foundation of proper dental care, and strong magnification field of view is a guarantee […]