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Treatment of malocclusion

The type of orthodontic treatment depends on the presence of second teeth and the type of malocclusion. In children and adolescents, before the permanent eruption of all secomd teeth, mobile devices, i.e. removed from the mouth, are most often proposed. They perform their function when the body grows, are mainly used to widen the dental arch, eliminate paraphunction and allow the development of the dental arch. Removable appliances have limited ability to treat malocclusion. They treat defects caused by performing paraphunctions and dysfunctions, e.g. sucking finger, cheeks, mouth breathing. They should be worn several hours a day as recommended by the orthodontist. There are many types of mobile devices, and the orthodontist decides about choosing the right one.

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Which kind of braces should you choose?

Permanent braces, i.e. brackets fixed to teeth, and the connecting arch are intended for people with second dentition, i.e. for teenagers and adults. These devices are more precise than mobile devices, they work all the time on the teeth and perform more functions. They are used to treat larger malocclusion than mobile devices, i.e. extending arches, rotating teeth that are crooked and closing gaps between teeth. There are many types of orthodontic brackets, you can choose from standard brackets, aesthetic brackets, self-ligating brackets, porcelain brackets and many more.

Surgical treatment of malocclusion is reserved for very advanced, often genetically conditioned, defects whose treatment with fixed and mobile devices is insufficient. After the surgery, not only the jaw to mandible  position changes, but also the proportions of the face and the entire profile. The effects are very spectacular. This is the result of multi-specialist cooperation of both facial and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists and other specialists, e.g. psychologists, ENT specialists and physiotherapists.

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There are many malocclusions, which is why the orthodontist’s analysis is important based on a cephalometric image and plaster models. On this basis, appropriate values and indices are calculated so as to obtain as much information as possible on the dentition and the jaw to mandible  position. After all the right treatment way is planned.

Remember that crooked teeth affect not only the lack of aesthetics, but above all their incorrect functioning. Misaligned teeth affect each other causing occlusal overload, abrasion of the teeth, as well as problems in the temporomandibular joint. In addition, crowded teeth impede the proper cleaning of teeth, which promotes the formation of dental caries and tartar deposition. That is why the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion is so important from an early age.