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Porcelain braces

Plain, white teeth are a dream of many patients. A beautiful smile not only improves our self-esteem and well-being, but also makes the face oval look better. Unfortunately, many of us cannot enjoy a smile due to malocclusion, which is not only an aesthetic problem but is often also the cause of speech problems or malaise. When we decide to use the orthodontic appliance, many patients are afraid of its not aesthetic appearance. In this case, a porcelain braces  may be the perfect solution.

What is the difference between a porcelain braces and a standard one?

All fixed orthodontic appliances are made of three main parts – ligatures, brackets and arches. In the case of a porcelain appliance, the color of the brackets is always matched to the colors of the patient’s teeth, making it less visible. At the later stage of orthodontic treatment, it is also possible to use tooth-colored coated arches. The patient should note that while wearing a porcelain braces it is neccesary to keep white diet, i.e. avoid foods and discoloration beverages. Also smoking its not recommended. Those factors causes discoloration of the ligatures, giving an unsightly aesthetic effect.

Aparat ortodontyczny porcelanowy

Porcelain braces are not only aesthetic advantages, but also general improvement of oral health. We invite you to consultation at our clinic, where thanks to the necessary diagnostic tools, our orthodontic doctor will fully evaluate the possibility of using the porcelain appliance, and will plan and propose comprehensive orthodontic treatment.