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Orthodontics important in multidisciplinary treatment

For years, orthodontics is no longer a field of dentistry reserved only for children, more and more adults wear braces in all ages. Its just because of indications from other dental fields. The orthodontic doctor cooperates with doctors of all dental disciplines at every stage of treatment. Before putting the braces on, it is important to have good oral hygiene, hence the indication for hygienization before treatment. During the treatment itself, hygienization treatments are also expedient, as the device is an additional element in the oral cavity, which promotes the deposition of tartar and plaque.

Before visiting the orthodontist.

What’s more, all caries should be cured before putting the braces on, hence the earlier referral to a conservative or pediatric dentist. In addition, changes in the area of root apexes may appear on the pantomographic image. Teeth whose root canal treatment was performed incorrectly, where the filling material does not reach the root apex, results in the need to visit an endodontist specialist. Sometimes, before treatment, the surgeon needs to remove the tooth or the roots of the teeth. The cause may be tooth decay, loosening of the teeth, complications of injuries or overtime teeth. In some malocclusions, an extraction treatment is also made. Often, wisdom teeth must also be removed.

Ortodoncja ważna w leczeniu wielodyscyplinarnym

An indication for orthodontic treatment can be prosthetic, implantological and aesthetic treatment. After extraction, the teeth tend to tilt and migrate, which often makes prosthetic treatment difficult. Orthodontic treatment can increase or decrease the gap between teeth depending on the indication. If a prosthetic bridge is planned and the teeth are bent, sometimes there is a need for orthodontic treatment, if conditions permit. The same situation may apply to dentures, where bent teeth can make it difficult to insert the denture onto the ground.

Orthodontics important in multidisciplinary treatment.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry  treating malocclusion, which affects both the aesthetics of the face, profile and the smile itself. Is an alternative to closing the diast and stage fright gaps between teeth in relation to crowns, composite fillings or veneers. For some patients, the indication for orthodontic treatment before implant placement may be amazing. This happens when there is insufficient space for the implant due to the migration of teeth during time, so the decision to make up a missing teeth shouldnt been delay.

Taken holistically, malocclusion, tooth migration or loss may result in occlusal overload. This has a huge impact on the work of the temporomandibular joint. The consequences of the above work may be headache, joint area, increased masticatory muscle tension and many others. Hence, the treatment of malocclusion is a prevention of changes in the joints.

To sum up, orthodontic treatment may require the cooperation of other specialists, before putting on orthodontic appliances and often after treatment.