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Mobile braces

Modern orthodontics provides a whole range of possibilities for patients who have decided to correct malocclusion. One of them is the mobile braces appliance. Although the decision to  choose and use it  is usually made for aesthetic reasons, it should not be forgotten that proper bite also affects the health of the entire oral cavity, including tooth decay and excessive abrasion of the teeth, which can aggravate the malocclusion.

What are the advantages of a mobile braces?

First of all, convenience and discretion in use. The patient decides when to put it on and take it off, bearing in mind the specific number of hours that the orthodontist has determined. It is so easy to use so there is no risk of it being used incorrectly. What’s more, the mobile braces is very easy to maintain in hygiene.

Aparat ortodontyczny ruchomy

The mobile braces appliance is always designed individually for each patient. It is made of acrylic and clamps that hold it on the teeth and mechanical elements. These kind of braces are used for well-defined occlusal defects, and their use is indicated when the purpose is, for example, tilt the tooth, widen the dental arch, or in the case  when the lower jaw is positioned intravenously. Mobile braces is divided into: made only for one jaw (upper or lower), for two jaws, or a two-jaw apparatus.

It is never too late to correct malocclusion. The benefits of using a mobile braces appliance are not only aesthetic advantages, but a general improvement in oral health. We invite you for consultatio  our clinic, where our orthodontic doctor will fully evaluate the possibility of using a mobile braces appliance and will plan and propose comprehensive orthodontic treatment.