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Let’s start with the information what the Invisalign is. It is a transparent orthodontic appliance in the form of silicone teeth overlays called aligners. This method is not only a very comfortable alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances, but also a very big innovative advancement in the field of correction of teeth positioning and the appearance of a smile.

Beautiful smile.

When a patient is willing to use this technique to correct his smile on a visit thanks to 3D technology, receives a plan to straighten his teeth and visualize from the initial to the desired effect. With every orthodontic braces, tooth impressions are needed, on the basis of which an individual set of aligners is created, which in time will move the teeth to the desired position.

The appearance of the Invisalign braces.

The appearance of this technological novelty consists a pair of top and bottom dental arch covers. Invisalign is made of thermoplastic silicone, and the number and shape of overlays will be tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Aligners are almost invisible. If comes about the comfort, they are easier to maintain oral hygiene than when wearing a traditional orthodontic appliance. It is easy to clean it, and it can be easily removed for the time of eating. If someone has a job in which a well-groomed look is the basis, Invisalign will be a much more beneficial solution than a regular fixed braces. The cosmetic apparatus easily turns yellow when eating colored food, such as red borscht or sweet drinks full of sugars and artificial colors as opposed to Invisalign. This braces can be taken off easily, eat a meal, clean your mouth or brush your teeth and put the tooth tips back on.


System operation.

The method of its operation consists in exerting controlled pressure on selected teeth for a sufficient amount of time, which causes their gradual displacement to the planned place. This braces works every day to achieve the desired effect. Every day is important because the teeth are moving by millimeters. Replacement of aligners with new slightly modified shapes takes place every two weeks. This process continues until the patient does not receive the desired tooth placement effect.

Invisalign treatment cost ranges.

Unfortunately, the Invisalign system is not one of the  cheapest solution. Comparing to fixed braces, even the cosmetic (aesthetic), this option is much more expensive. The cost of Invisalign treatment for an adult person often ranges from PLN 14.000 to PLN 16.000 ( about 3350 EUR to 3850 EUR). Although,  if the defect od teeth is quite small, the cost of treatment starts from PLN 9,000. The Invisalign treatment costs consist the following factors:

  • Level of complications ( size of defects etc );
  • Time of treatment;
  • Recommendations, selection of the treatment recommended by the dentist.