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Cosmetic braces

A beautiful smile is not only made up of healthy and snow-white teeth, but also their correct positioning. Although modern orthodontics allows for the treatment of various complex malocclusions, many patients are afraid of the aesthetic appearance of the metal orthodontic appliance. The best solution for this problem may be the cosmetic braces used more and more often.

What is the difference between a cosmetic braces and a standard one?

Its main advantage is a color close to the natural shade of the teeth or  transparent. Cosmetic braces are intended for people who want to reduce its visibility as much as possible.

Cosmetic brace can be divided into:

  • ceramic;
  • composite ceramic,
  • porcelain (less translucent);
  • sapphire or crystal (more translucent).

Aesthetic brackets are slightly larger than standard metal and more convex. During treatment, its neccesary to use the so-called white diet, i.e. avoid discoloration of foods and beverages, smoking i salso  inadvisable, as it causes discoloration of ligatures and make a bad aesthetic effect.

Aparat ortodontyczny kosmetyczny

The benefits of using a cosmetic orthodontic appliance are not only aesthetic advantages, but also an overall improvement in oral health. We invite you for consultstion at our clinic, where thanks to the necessary diagnostic tools, our orthodontic doctor will fully assess the possibility of using a cosmetic braces, and will plan and propose comprehensive orthodontic treatment.