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Clear Aligner

Orthodontic treatment with the Clear Aligner method is a new, innovative method of treating malocclusion. It is an interesting, alternative to fixed braces method of treating minor malocclusions. The treatment consists  applying on the teeth and wearing everyday overlays prepared for the patient. The Clear Aligner method allows you to reduce the discomfort and inconvenience associated with wearing a traditional orthodontic appliance. The treatment is carried out using transparent pads, which, if worn regularly, correct the malocclusion and straighten the teeth. The overlay design process takes place thanks to modern digital model analysis, and the formation of ready-made overlays is an extremely accurate and precise process. Overlays in the Clear Aligner method are transparent, very aesthetic, barely visible on the patient’s own teeth. The overlays can be easily removed for eating and cleaning, which makes it very easy to maintain perfect hygiene.

Clear Aligner

When can we propose this kind of treatment?

Orthodontic treatment using an overlays is unfortunately not always possible – it all depends on the type and severity of the malocclusion. The decision about the possibility of using this method is made by an orthodontist, after necessary tests and consultations at the Perfect Smile Clinic. Cephalometric and pantomographic images, as well as maxillary and mandible impressions, are necessary to make the correct diagnosis and choose the appropriate treatment method. Based on impressions and photos, treatment is planned and the first overlays are made. The patient is instructed in detail how to use the overlays during the treamtment process.

During subsequent follow-up visits, treatment effects are assessed, subsequent impressions are taken, and another set of overlays is performed. In the case of Clear Aligner, treatment is relatively light and the effects are achieved quickly. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment, please visit our clinic for consultation with our the best orthodontist.