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The orthodontist doctor is a dentist with specialization dealing with malocclusion, teeth, diagnosis and prophylaxis of the condition of teeth. An orthodontic dentist must complete his studies and pass an examination in orthodontics and maxillary orthopedics. In this way, he acquires knowledge and skills in this difficult specialization. A good orthodontist should also participate in possible trainings and symposia. The knowledge and skills acquired often depict the walls of the professional’s office, which are hung with diplomas and certificates. Such distinctions testify to the continuous deepening of the dentist’s knowledge and professionalism.

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry dealing with the correction of incorrectly tooth position. Orthodontist corrects abnormal tooth growth and their positioning and selects the right orthodontic appliance. Patients have simple and very complicated orthodontic appliances at their disposal. The selection of the right one and its assumption are the path to the success of every Patient with bite problems.

Ortodonta Gdańsk

The most important is the health and satisfaction of the patient.

Orthodontic treatment is to improve oral health. An orthodontist is able to improve the appearance of the jaw. Taking care of your teeth and a competent dentist is more likely to have your own teeth for the rest of your life. Currently, professionals in orthodontics can not only improve the bite, but also the profile of the face, appearance and health of the gums.

An important part of orthodontics is pediatric orthodontics. Small Patients who are still growing and have problems with the proper development of their teeth can count on professional help. Children’s orthodontists will direct the proper development of the jaw. Correct diagnosis and treatment will improve the function of chewing, and will cure periodontal disease and temporomandibular joints.

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Let’s start with the information what the Invisalign is. It is a transparent orthodontic appliance in the form of silicone teeth overlays called aligners. This method is not only a very comfortable alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances, but also a very big innovative advancement in the field of correction of […]

System Invisalign

Invisalign system

The Invisalign system is the most innovative bite management system in the world without the use of orthodontic locks. Tooth extraction is carried out by removable, individually-designed, non-visible aligners for each patient. Aligners are worn every day, unlike Orthodontics they can be removed at any time and re-inserted. They are […]

Leczenie wad zgryzu

Treatment of malocclusion

The type of orthodontic treatment depends on the presence of second teeth and the type of malocclusion. In children and adolescents, before the permanent eruption of all secomd teeth, mobile devices, i.e. removed from the mouth, are most often proposed. They perform their function when the body grows, are mainly […]

Clear Aligner Perfect Smile 05

Clear Aligner

Orthodontic treatment with the Clear Aligner method is a new, innovative method of treating malocclusion. It is an interesting, alternative to fixed braces method of treating minor malocclusions. The treatment consists  applying on the teeth and wearing everyday overlays prepared for the patient. The Clear Aligner method allows you to […]

Czas trwania leczenia ortodontycznego

Duration of orthodontic treatment

At Perfect Smile Clinic every patient is treated individually and  extraordinary. Similarly, during planning orthodontic treatment, an individual and detailed treatment plan is prepared for each patient. All those procedures helps to achieve optimal and stable results. Regardless of the method chosen, the duration of orthodontic treatment is primarily determined […]

Aparat ortodontyczny porcelanowy

Porcelain braces

Plain, white teeth are a dream of many patients. A beautiful smile not only improves our self-esteem and well-being, but also makes the face oval look better. Unfortunately, many of us cannot enjoy a smile due to malocclusion, which is not only an aesthetic problem but is often also the […]

Aparat ortodontyczny ruchomy

Mobile braces

Modern orthodontics provides a whole range of possibilities for patients who have decided to correct malocclusion. One of them is the mobile braces appliance. Although the decision to  choose and use it  is usually made for aesthetic reasons, it should not be forgotten that proper bite also affects the health […]

Aparat ortodontyczny kosmetyczny

Cosmetic braces

A beautiful smile is not only made up of healthy and snow-white teeth, but also their correct positioning. Although modern orthodontics allows for the treatment of various complex malocclusions, many patients are afraid of the aesthetic appearance of the metal orthodontic appliance. The best solution for this problem may be […]

Aparat stały estetyczny samoligaturujący

Orthodontic braces

The fixed braces appliance is recommended for young people and adults, for permanent teeth. It allows you to correct defects significantly more serious than a mobile braces. It is made of locks and rings (or tubes), which are attached to the external surface of the teeth with a special glue. […]