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Veneers without grinding

Veneers without grinding were the most impratant topic of medical conference held on 24 November 2014 in Sopot Sheraton Hotel, which was attended by Marek Markiewicz and Tomasz Zaranski. Medical course was organized by the renowned Swiss dental laboratory V.I.S. (Very Important Smile). The main theme of the course were the modern methods of production of high-quality veneers with no need of teeth grinding , so-called “no prep veneers. These veneers allow you to create beautiful smile without any risk with the use of traditional methods

Why veneers without grinding ?

Execution of veneers with the use of V.I.S. system is completely painless and non-invasive treatment. The procedure does not require grinding and therefore there is no need of any anesthesia. Veneers are made of zirconium porcelain, each designed individually according to the needs and wishes of the patient. The ceramic layer of each veneer is hand finished in a V.I.S. Swiss laboratory, so there are unlimited possibilities for each patient.

V.I.S. veneers are the original product and the manufacturer provides 20 year of warranty on its components. Veneers do not require preparation or grinding. V.I.S. are available also in our Clinic.

After the conference, our doctors were provided with appropriate diplomas certified by the manufacturer of veneers – the company VIS Switzerland, and its Polish distributor.

We invite you to the consultation visit, during which our experts will present you with the possibility of treatment with the use of veneers. To reserve a date please give us a call.