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Prosthetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with replacement of lost dental tissue and restoring the function of the masticatory system and the rehabilitation of the entire system. The purpose and the role of prosthodontist role is, firstly, to restore the original occlusion, after the tooth loss or after extensive damage or after root canal treatment. Dentists in daily practice perform a variety of prosthetic treatments. Generally, we can divide them into moveable works- which can be removed from the patient’s mouth and are not permanently attached to the teeth of their own, and permanent works that are placed in a sustainable manner, impossible to remove from the mouth by the patient.

What offers a modern dental prosthesis?

Fixed prosthodontist provide a greater comfort, and in the more natural way to restore lost functions and appearance. Therefore, in daily practice dentists strive to make the best use of permanent prostheses, such as crowns made of porcelain, ceramic crowns or crowns on implants. They also may use combination of several different crowns or porcelain bridges.

Modern prosthodontics is an intensively developing area. Nowadays, a prosthodontics have at their disposal a very innovative and modern materials and devices with which they are able to suit each treatment to every clinical situation. Prosthodontists abandon an old-style crowns made on a metal base.

Dentysta Protetyk Gdańsk

Zirconium, very modern, durable and flexible material that is effectively replaced and ousted prosthetics alloys. Producing a base for crowns and larger restorations is currently a process performed largely by milling machines. Models of prepared teeth or all the teeth are polished digitally scanned. Which makes the process of layering of prosthetic very precise and easy to control.

Dentysta Protetyk Gdańsk

Modern dentures can be characterized by perfect accuracy and tight connection with the tooth. In addition, by eliminating obsolete metal alloys they are very aesthetic and durable. For more information, please call us.