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Modern dentist

Modern dental practice is completely different from the offices, which operated on the market 10 or 15 years ago. Very rapid development of technology in the field of diagnosis and treatment made contemporary modern dentist a doctor who is no longer associated with fear and anxiety.

Appointments in a modern dental surgery proceeds in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The modern, cozy interior, calm music and qualified, willing to help staff help to build a good relationship between a dentist and a patient. If we add very modern, non-invasive methods of diagnosis and painless and proven treatment methods, we ensure that your health and your smile are in good hands.

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What characterizes a modern dentist ?

Thanks to the presence of digital technology during the diagnosis treatments, dentists use a very accurate X-rays and 3D images digital tomography. Never before diagnosis was not as convenient and ‘patient friendly’ as nowadays.

What is more, nowadays dentists have many possibilities to improve their qualifications. As a result of the rapid development of technology and research during recent years, a number of very good training centers, both in Poland and around the world, have developed. The offer addressed to dentists includes both theoretical and practical issues. Contemporary modern dentist has many possibilities to shape his or her career paths depending on individual interests.

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On the Internet there are many professional mailing lists dedicated to dentists specialists. They are used to exchange experience between doctors. They give the opportunity to discuss and consult the specific cases with dentists from around the world.

Modern technologies and materials used by dentists allow to design and perform very aesthetic and durable prosthetic works, such as porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns.

In the Perfect Smile Clinic our dentists use innovative and the highest quality equipment and materials that are safe for the patients.