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Cosmetics Fillings

In Prefect Smile Dental & Implant Clinic cosmetic fillings are very crucial matter to which dentists attach very great importance. Each treatment, even the smallest tooth filling, is worked out down to the smallest detail, in order to restore the natural shape of the tooth, get the perfect color and translucency.

Over the last 50 years modern dentistry has undergone a huge metamorphosis. Previously used “plumbings” were unsightly, made from dark amalgam and composite porous materials. Currently, our dentists use a composite materials, which are mechanically excellent and as well allow a dentist to perform cosmetic fillings.

Wypełnienia kosmetyczne zębów

Teeth before performing surgery.

What is Cosmetic fillings?

Composite cosmetic filling of the tooth is the basic form of reconstruction treatment (e.g. tooth decay). Such a treatment in our Clinic is performed completely painlessly and with the use of an appropriate anesthesia. Firstly, the dental caries is removed. Then, the dentist performs cosmetic composite filling. Depending on the type of tooth, there are different types of composite materials. For the teeth in the posterior segment strength is a critical issue this is why a dentist uses materials with special mechanical properties. In the esthetic zone materials with specific cosmetic properties, translucency etc. are used. After the filling treatment a dentist uses various tools in order to give the tooth the right shape and smoothness. Polishing is the last stage in the process.

Wypełnienia kosmetyczne zębów

Teeth after performing surgery.

In the Perfect Smile Dental  & Implant Clinic we use only the most modern composite materials to ensure our clients with a perfect result. What is more, a suitable technique is also crucial – applying layered composite material, and very high quality of curing lights. In the case of dead teeth and larger reconstruction of teeth, our dentists offer alternative – cosmetic filling with the use of fibers glass, as well as the restoration (inlay/onlay type), and all-ceramic crowns. Come to our Clinic and choose the best option for you!