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Conservative Dentistry Specialist

Nowadays, many of us dream about beautiful simile and healthy teeth. Unfortunately, the most common problem that patients all over the world face is the tooth decay that leads to unsightly stains and defects of hard parts of the teeth. What is more, all these symptoms usually lead to more serious effects like irritation or defects of hard parts of teeth. Another problem appears when we neglect the first symptoms of caries, this why the patients should keep in mind that it can even lead to the death of a tooth, which affects the health of the whole organism.

How to keep a beautiful smile for a long time ?

The most important thing in preventing any possible effects of caries is to visit the dentist regularly. In this case, the primary role of a dentist is to prevent the tooth decay and treatment of all of the damages already done by cavity. Moreover, the dentist takes the conservative treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, which are mainly consequences of untreated tooth decay. Most treatments are performed under local anesthesia, which is characterized by a rapid and long duration of action, safety, even during pregnancy or any serious diseases.

Dentysta zachowawczy

The diagnosis of tooth decay done by a conservative dentistry specialist is done not only with the use of his sight, but also with a number of additional diagnostic tools, like for example radiovisiography (RVG). The dream about beautiful smile can turn into reality, this is why we encourage to regular visits in Perfect Smile Dental Clinic.