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A dentist is a doctor who has permission to practically use knowledge in the field of general dentistry. Currently, to obtain the full right to apply the title of dentist, you must complete a five-year studies in the field of dentistry. Additionally, positively pass the Medical – Dental Final Examination. The acquired permission entitlements to treat tooth, mouth and craniofacial diseases along with adjacent areas do not always make a good doctor a dentist. Emerging numerous of dental offices also do not always provide the highest standard of dental services. It is not easy to find a place of residence of a high-class dental office using the latest treatment techniques, in which an experienced dentist leads the practice.

First – knowledge.

If in the dental office it is noticeable different types of specialist training of completionor certificates, it means that you are dealing with a specialist in your field of dentistry. You can presume that the dental problem will be successfully solved. A very important issue is also furnishing in the dental office with dental equipment that facilitates the dentist’s work.

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Below we will try to present the most interesting topics related to the dentist profession. If the information below does not cover the topics you are interested in, please contact us by phone: +48 58 300 05 88.

Dentysta zachowawczy

Conservative Dentistry Specialist

Nowadays, many of us dream about beautiful simile and healthy teeth. Unfortunately, the most common problem that patients all over the world face is the tooth decay that leads to unsightly stains and defects of hard parts of the teeth. What is more, all these symptoms usually lead to more […]

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Modern dentist

Modern dental practice is completely different from the offices, which operated on the market 10 or 15 years ago. Very rapid development of technology in the field of diagnosis and treatment made contemporary modern dentist a doctor who is no longer associated with fear and anxiety. Appointments in a modern […]

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Cosmetics Fillings

In Prefect Smile Dental & Implant Clinic cosmetic fillings are very crucial matter to which dentists attach very great importance. Each treatment, even the smallest tooth filling, is worked out down to the smallest detail, in order to restore the natural shape of the tooth, get the perfect color and […]

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Prosthetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with replacement of lost dental tissue and restoring the function of the masticatory system and the rehabilitation of the entire system. The purpose and the role of prosthodontist role is, firstly, to restore the original occlusion, after the tooth loss or after […]

Stomatologia Zachowawcza 1

Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry – In this field of dentistry, the primary role of dentists is to treat caries that touches the tissues of hard teeth. Most often, this treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Using by our dentist anesthesias are characterized by rapid and long time of action. They are absolutely […]

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Veneers without grinding

Veneers without grinding were the most impratant topic of medical conference held on 24 November 2014 in Sopot Sheraton Hotel, which was attended by Marek Markiewicz and Tomasz Zaranski. Medical course was organized by the renowned Swiss dental laboratory V.I.S. (Very Important Smile). The main theme of the course were […]

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Implant Dentist

A dentist with appropriate qualifications, experience and surgical skills can deal with implantology. However, it is not possible to get an implant specialization after the graduation from the Medical University. The title of an implant dentist is conferred only if a doctor will successfully pass the international test of implantological […]

Wypełnienie kompozytowe

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings in a tooth is set up by a dentist after the cavity cleaning with the use of befitting drills with the option of cooling. After cleaning of the cavity from the humus the tooth is isolated from the oral environment. The next step is to etch the enamel […]