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Use of porcelain veneers

The first picture showing why exactly patient ask our clinic for help. The main objectiv was to the appearance of the front teeth in the upper arch. The patient also wanted to significantly improve the appearance of the teeth and smile. Our medical team after analysing the case of her problem hale decided that the most suitable solution would be porcelain veneers.

Use of porcelain veneers for the patient

The patient did not take into account the long and tedious orthodontic treatment to straighten the upper incisors. It was all about the smooth operation of the whole procedure. After receiving indicative impressions, dental technicians performed on a plaster model a wax model of future teeth. The shape of the waxing allows the patient to get used to a large change in the shape of the teeth, which in this case covers the entire smile line.

The mentioned patient get the wax model for few days to use it at home and decide if she want to continiue the treatment. The proposed porcelain veneers are a full ceramic remodeling that can be placed on the teeth with minimal preparation. There is no need to grind the entire perimeter of the tooth and its entire surface. In the case of live teeth, it is crucial to maintain their viability and to avoid root canal treatment.

Zastosowanie licówek pełnoceramicznych

Our patient choose bright color B1 which forced us to perform whitening in the lower teeth. The patient decided to bleach the lamp because of the quick effect achieved after using this method. In the case of color stabilization, special silicone covers were also made , individually in the laboratory for the patient. Its allow to carry out a whitening session within 1x a year on your own. A special preparation is applied to the overlay, which in turn is placed on the teeth. After examining the exact line of the smile we decided to perform a treatment using all-ceramic venners.

Zastosowanie licówek pełnoceramicznych

The use of all-ceramic veneers included tooths  in the range of 3 to 3. The photo after treatment shows how well the shape and color of the patient’s teeth have changed. The tooth arch, thanks to the small changes in the shape of the teeth, has a harmonious shape. The whitening process and the bright all-ceramic veneers applied significantly refreshed our patient’s smile.