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Upper jaw prosthetic reconstruction

Attached metamorphosis shows several stages of treatment. Our team of doctors managed to close the entire treatment process in less than 3 months: prosthetic restoration using implants and pelnoceramic crowns on damaged own teeth. After a panoramic photo and thorough examination of the patient, a cost estimate and a comprehensive treatment plan were prepared.

What is upper jaw prosthetic reconstruction?

The first image shows the state before the output. Partial missing teeth deficiencies were supplemented with little aesthetical and less functional temporary bridge. The gingiva line required gentle plastic correction. Patologically grated and discolored teeth required, in the first instance, a thorough cleansing of stone deposits and sediments.

Odbudowa protetyczna łuku

After complete implantation of the implants in the lateral part and the plastic surgery of the gums, we began to develop proper teeth, we also got a special silicone mass implant and entered the final laboratory stage, browning work of our team. The patient decided to choose all-ceramic crowns on the zirconium base type CERCON. These are some of the most cosmetic and most technologically advanced porcelain crowns. The inner part of the crown in the laboratory process is cut by a zirconia machine milling machine based on the image obtained by scanning the patient’s dental model. This fully automated process allows for very accurate work without any leaks and is therefore very biocompatible and compatible with gum tissue.

Odbudowa protetyczna łuku

The second picture shows the end result of the prosthetic restoration of the arch.

We see new crowns on side implants and aesthetic crowns on our own teeth. According to the patient’s request, the crown was made in very bright color B1. Crowns have been checked for tightness and cemented. The patient was informed about the need for regular hygienisation visits. In our clinic we place great emphasis on prevention. Regularly, every 6 months when professional teeth cleaning is an integral part of keeping the result.