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Dental treatment under anesthesia

In the case where we are dealing with a dental phobia, panic or fear connected with dental procedures, we often look for an alternative and additional forms of anesthesia, instead of using a direct dental treatment under anesthesia (general anesthesia). Anesthesia as an anesthetic in dentistry is quite a controversial topic. In the case of life-threatening conditions that require surgical intervention, for example appendicitis, of course, its use is not subject of a discussion. In the dental treatment you should strongly think about it, taking into account the complications associated with anesthesia.

Dental treatment under anesthesia

If not anesthesia, then that?

Intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia is a form that is associated with less intrusive interference than narcosis. Intubation of the patient is not required. Intravenous drug acts on the central nervous system. It determines the abolition of perception, response to pain. You can tell that the patient is asleep.

Many people who experience panic fear of dentist, lead to very serious negligence. In such situations, it is most often required to perform a series of treatments, including, for example: root canal treatment, execution contributions and cosmetic porcelain crowns and fillings. Subjecting one form of general anesthesia then, is not a good idea. Complex dental treatment requires the involvement of dentists of different specializations and at least a couple of visits. In our Dental Clinic we have a team of dentists who specialize in each field of dentistry. We provide a painless performing of each procedure. Dental phobia patients are covered with special care in Perfect Smile Clinic. Very often, before performing major procedures, dentist proposes a less invasive treatments, in order to avoid stressful situations. This determines the gradual adaptation to the conditions of each patient’s dental practice.

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