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Removable dental prosthesis

The patient came to smile Perfect Smile Clinic with total edentulous. For 10 years, two complete dentures has been used. For a long time, however, she was not happy with them. They were moving and this is why she did not feel comfortably. So the goal was very simple – to improve the quality of life. After careful examination of the patient, performed in our clinic panoramic X-ray and CT scan of selected sections of the jaw bone, the treatment plan has been proposed. It envisaged the construction of two new dentures and implantation of two implants in the lower jaw and four dental implants in the jaw.

Protezy na implantach ruchome

It was one of the most cost-effective solutions that could be applied. She has chosen the removable dentures, stabilized by implants to maintaining proper hygiene. At any moment they can be removed from the mouth and thoroughly washed.

The course of treatment.

Upper complete denture was further strengthened by molten elements. Metal skeleton was sunk by a laboratory in acrylic in the place where the prosthesis has contact with the implant elements. In the case of the upper arc after time of osseointegration of titanium implants, a special lab beam was made. With this structure, the implants were merged into a single monoblock. This is very important, especially in the jaw, where the bone density, and thus stabilization of implants is not as strong as in the bone of the jaw.

Protezy na implantach ruchome

Precisely for this reason it was decided to implant four pieces and the use the beam connections. Made prosthesis has on its inner side groove of special matrices, which suits ideally to the beam and provides excellent stability and retention of the upper dentures. As you can see in the picture No. 1 the denture was very much limited. Our doctors completely resigned from the disc on the palate, which very much disturb flavors and cause retch. Second picture shows how a mobile denture stabilization at two dental implants in the lower arch. This solution is relatively economical and, very significantly improves the maintenance of the lower denture. After implantation, dental implants have been fitted with special connectors. The prosthesis significantly improved patients’ comfort.

Protezy na implantach ruchome

Removable dentures stabilized on implants are the example of how implantologists in our clinic cope with common and difficult cases with edentulous patients.