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Porcelain veneers

Attached images illustrate one of the modern methods of improving the shape and color of the teeth. In many cases, when there is a large amount of fillings in the front arch of the tooth, all-ceramic veneers provide a better solution than tooth whitening. Keep in mind that such extensive, leaky fillings as in the attached case are a big aesthetic problem. At the border of tooth tissue and fillings,very offten accumulate natural dyes ,  resulting a permanent, non-aesthetic discoloration. This case concerns the improvement of the shape and color of the eight teeth in the upper arch covering the patient’s smile zone.

Licówki pełnoceramiczne

Examining this smile zone is critical and influencing the planning of treatment and the choice of method ,also  amount of prosthetic restorations. In this case, the patient was found to have a wide smile as well as premolar teeth. The patient’s expectations were clearly defined during the consultation visit. It depends mainly on the improvement of the shape of the teeth and color. On the first visit, our doctors presented the patient with the entire treatment plan together with the estimate cost . On the same visit, the jaw and mandibular imprints were taken. On their basis, the dental technician prepared for the next visit of the so-called. Wax-up is an indicative wax model of future teeth. The patient was given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the shape of the future teeth and, if necessary, to pass on small changes to the laboratory. In our clinic we put a lot of emphasis on the predictability of each treatment. Performing a wax up and accepting the model of future target work by the patient gives this guarantee.

Licówki pełnoceramiczne

Is veneering painful?

Porcelain veneers are the least invasive cosmetic reconstruction. The surface preparation of these eight teeth was limited to the minimum required. The whole procedure was performed painlessly under local anesthesia and closed within two hours. The patient left the surgery with special temporary surgeries. In this case we used individual color selection in the laboratory, where the ceramicist made a special color map of the tooth, based on the color of the teeth of the opposite and neighboring. This makes it possible to get chameleon effect in every cases.

After about a week the work was completely finished in the laboratory. For veneers, a special cementing protocol is used. The cement used has very strong adhesive properties. This is required due to the small range of dental preparation. Adhesion and maintenance of the veneers largely depends on the chemical properties of the cement and the resulting joint between the veneer and tooth enamel.

Licówki pełnoceramiczne

Attached image of cementing the veneers shows how the color and shape of the upper front teeth  changes during the patient treatment. The arch has a more harmonious shape, the teeth are gently elongated and lightened according to the wishes of the patient. Due to the suspicion of bruxism, such as night clamping and gnashing, we have also made a special protective short-circuit. It is used at night, protects the work done full ceramic as well as other teeth and joints against overload.