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Porcelain crowns on implants

Porcelain dental crowns are a perfect solution for wing defects in dentition. The ability of proper chewing is greatly limited, the remaining teeth partly take over the role of lost teeth. Because of this, they are overloaded and wear out quickly. Adjacent teeth are tilted towards the gap, and the opposing teeth inevitably and irreversibly migrate towards the lost teeth, gradually protruding from the alveers and losing the bone support. Such extensive missing teeth also lead to changes in the appearance of the patient’s face – the cheeks collapse, wrinkles appear, and the face profile changes very unfavorably, in extreme conditions leads to the appearance of relatively young patients with senile appearance.

When is the use of porcelain crowns indicated?

Wing deficiencies were often complemented by removable dentures due to the inability to support permanent work on the teeth. Unfortunately, this often causes great discomfort for the patients, caused by the extended denture plate and often hard to hide elements of the prosthesis visible on the teeth. An excellent alternative to removable dentures (removable dentures) are porcelain crowns. Often, the implantation of two implants is enough to restore full chewing function.

The procedure of implanting the implants is completely painless and boils down to one short visit. After the period of healing on implants, the final prosthetic work is performed, i.e. a porcelain bridge, screwed and permanently cemented. Thanks to this solution, our patients regain full chewing ability. There is a significant improvement in appearance, and comfort is restored which was not achieved by the use of removable dentures. Negative signs of wear and dislocation of neighboring teeth are inhibited. The chewing comfort function and aesthetics are restored permanently. Below we present pictures of the patient without crowns and after implanting porcelain crowns on implants:

Porcelain dental crownsPorcelain dental crownsPorcelain dental crownsPorcelain dental crowns

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