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Fixed dental implants

The patient came to our dental clinic in Gdansk with many cavities in the dentition. He was unsatisfied with the mobile partial acrylic denture, which was very unstable and required the additional use of adhesive. Quick access to Computed Tomography CBCT allowed to make a scan of the edentulous jaw segments. They showed a sufficient part of bone to introduce five pieces of dental implants. Our doctors presented a detailed treatment plan to the patient. It assumed a fixed prosthesis on implants. The patient decision was to apply a permanent cemented porcelain bridge.

Fixed dental implants

How is the course of dental treatment?

To perform such a prosthesis on implants in laboratory a careful plan of each step of treatment is needed. The Perfect Smile Dental Clinic is equipped with both – very modern accesories, including CBCT, and a team of trained dentists, prosthodontists and certified implantologists. These provides the patient with comfort of treatment as each stage of and all exam are performed always on the spot, in our Implant Clinic in Gdansk.

Surgical stage of implantation of all five implants was preformed painlessly. The exact treatment plan of implantation had been done before the whole procedure, without the presence of the patient in the dentist’s office, based on computed tomography images, panoramic photos and earlier diagnostic models. This enabled a doctor to realize the entire procedure in less than an hour. The patient was released with a special cold compress and the printed list of recommendations.
After three months before the treatment of the second stage was introduced – the implementation of fixed dentures on implants. After a period of osseointegration of dental implants, they were equipped with a special titanium fasteners.

Fixed dental implants 01

Connectors, based on special silicone impression mass, were prepared by our doctors in the laboratory. Screwed to the implants connectors are the pillars for the later implied cemented porcelain bridge.

Fixed dental implants 02

The procedure described above is one of the best solution for the toothless patients. Secured permanently upper denture gives a feeling of natural teeth. Adaptation period usually takes more or less two weeks. In the case of fixed dentures on implants that period, however, is sometimes shorter. Sometimes speech disorder, due to the new teeth arrangement, occurs and in this case, due to much bigger removable acrylic denture, which was previously used for a long period of time.

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