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Digital smile design

Thanks to possibilities which gives digital smile design our doctors are able to design for you smile integrated features and facial expressions. Its also give an opportunity to see your new smile even before you start  treatment, at the planning stage , without any risk that the results will be different from what you expected.

How do we make the digital smile design?

Concept of the digital smile design, in short DSD (digital smile design) requires a complete set of extraoral and intraoral shots. Using special software on the computer screen our doctors perform analysis of the shots, setting a special  reference lines within a face. The lines are called glabella-philtrum-menton – central line and horozontal line passing through pupils while the patient look straight ahead. Thers is also a line of lower lip in a smile, which is important for the position of the incisal edge of the upper teath. These parameters are tranfered to the intaroral images in the process of intergration.

Cyfrowe projektowanie uśmiechu

Performing of above steps allows to include parameters of patient face projecting future smile. Refering to a line of gingival garland and a line of lowe lip line doctor selects proportion and shape of planned full-ceramic crowns or porcelin veneers. Sometimes its necessary  a minor gingival gum treatments to make their line as harmonius and natural as possibile. As a results of planning digital smile design we get a project which included dental aesthetics after prosthetic reconstruction and soft tissue aesthetics.

Cyfrowe projektowanie uśmiechu

Digital design – whats next?

Based on the digital project its prepared wax-up – model of future patient dentition. Its used to prepare silikon key – negative of wax-up . Using this solution, within a few minutes on the patient teets its fixed temporarily mock –up  of simulation of new plastic crowns / veneers. The mock –up on the patient’s teeth are a sham that resembles future porcelain crowns.

Cyfrowe projektowanie uśmiechu

In this way, doctor is able to present the patient final results of tratment before they even begins and patient can decide if the projected solution meets his expectations. At this stage is also possible to make ongoing changes as suggested by patient which make our customers ivolved and motivated in this cooperation to achieve excellent end effects.

Cyfrowe projektowanie uśmiechu

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