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Digital crowns

The digital treatment protocol is in aesthetic dentistry on the latest achievement in the 21st century. Digital crowns are created by digital shipment and data processing. Design of future crowns or veneers takes place on the computer screen even before the patient starts treatment.

Korony cyfrowe

Digital crowns – manufacturing process.

The project of a new smile can be non-invasively transferred on the patient’s teeth in a temporary manner. This allows the doctor to evaluate the project and make any changes or corrections. Once accepted, the production of crowns can be implemented. In this method also took a place the latest digital techniques. In the prosthetic laboratory are cuting prosthetic restorations made of  of porcelain, zirconium or composite blocks. his is a fully automatic process, where the modern milling machines play a leading role. Modern digital methods have resulted in a significant increase in crown quality compared to traditional casting methods. Significantly improved their aesthetics, tightness and accuracy of their performance. All this steps take effects  into wonderful  digital crown treatment.

Korony cyfrowe 02

The picture shows the patient’s teeth before healing.

Digital crowns – the steps of treatment.

The patient ask our clinic for help to correct the shape and color of the teeth. The patient’s desire was to regain a healthy and snow-white smile. During prosthetic consultation, a complete set of photo shoots, a digital pantomographic photo and a photo session for DSD – digital smile design were made. We conducted examination and analysis of the occlusion then planned scope of treatment with the patient. 10 full-ceramic crowns were planned. On the next visit painlessly, local anesthesia removed the old fillings and made a minimal preparation of teeth to cover the porcelain crowns. On the spot, during the same visit, temporary crowns were made, allowing the patient to leave the office normally while waiting for new digital crowns. The doctor and a technician are preparing a digital design for new full ceramic crowns. Crowns have been used for state-of-the-art digital technology and high quality materials.

Korony cyfrowe 03

The photo shows the dentition of the patient after the metamorphosis.

After 5 working days, the patient was able to enjoy a new, beautiful smile. The result achieved fulfilled its expectations in 100%.