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Perfect Smile Dental Clinic was designed with the most demanding group of patients in mind. Precisely, in order to meet your expectations about the effects of dental treatment, our main aim is to care for the health of your teeth and the creation of perfect smiles. We have an experienced team of dentists that are able to conduct the most complex dental treatment. Not all treatment techniques are spectacular, but all the effects of dental treatment deserve publication.

All effects of dental treatment presented above are the proof that anyone can have a beautiful smile. These are just a few examples of our dental work that show how our dentists: Tomasz Zarański, Marek Markiewicz, Adam Jaworski and Karolina Maszk deal with very difficult cases. Patients who have decided to reconstruct or remodel their dentition already know, that this is the best way to regain a youthful appearance or to feel a radical improvement of their well-being and quality of life.

Korony cyfrowe 03

Digital crowns

The digital treatment protocol is in aesthetic dentistry on the latest achievement in the 21st century. Digital crowns are created by digital shipment and data processing. Design of future crowns or veneers takes place on the computer screen even before the patient starts treatment. Digital crowns – manufacturing process. The […]

Digital smile design

Thanks to possibilities which gives digital smile design our doctors are able to design for you smile integrated features and facial expressions. Its also give an opportunity to see your new smile even before you start  treatment, at the planning stage , without any risk that the results will be […]

Dłutowanie ósemki

Wisdom tooth extraction

The patient came to our Clinic with inflammatory symptoms. Significant asymmetry of the face on the left side was noticeable and palpable, enlarged and painful submandibular lymph nodes on the side affected by the infection. After thorough examination of the oral cavity, it was found that the cause of inflammation […]

Leczenie kanałowe czy implant stomatologiczny

Root canal treatment

The patient came to our clinic with pulsatory pain, asymmetry and a large swelling around the face. After several tests and a digital pics, it quickly turned out that the cause of the discomfort is the heavily damaged upper right central incisor. The patient stated in an interview that the […]

Protezy na implantach stałe 04

Fixed dental implants

The patient came to our dental clinic in Gdansk with many cavities in the dentition. He was unsatisfied with the mobile partial acrylic denture, which was very unstable and required the additional use of adhesive. Quick access to Computed Tomography CBCT allowed to make a scan of the edentulous jaw […]

Korony porcelanowe na implantach 04

All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns are the latest achievement in the field of prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry. These crowns are made on the foundation of zirconium oxide – a very hard and abrasion-resistant material, which is also biocompatible and well tolerated by our body. The structure of zirconium oxide causes the light on […]

Rekonstrukcja braków zębowych 07

Full mouth reconstruction

The patient came to our clinic to improve the quality of his life. State before treatment is presented in the picture No. 1. In another dental clinic movable upper denture acrylic with clamp placed on the crown based on the implant was made. Unfortunately, the patient due to his speech […]

Licówki Gdańsk 04

Porcelain veneers

Attached images illustrate one of the modern methods of improving the shape and color of the teeth. In many cases, when there is a large amount of fillings in the front arch of the tooth, all-ceramic veneers provide a better solution than tooth whitening. Keep in mind that such extensive, […]

Odbudowa protetyczna łuku 02

Upper jaw prosthetic reconstruction

Attached metamorphosis shows several stages of treatment. Our team of doctors managed to close the entire treatment process in less than 3 months: prosthetic restoration using implants and pelnoceramic crowns on damaged own teeth. After a panoramic photo and thorough examination of the patient, a cost estimate and a comprehensive […]

Zastosowanie licówek pełnoceramicznych 02

Use of porcelain veneers

The first picture showing why exactly patient ask our clinic for help. The main objectiv was to the appearance of the front teeth in the upper arch. The patient also wanted to significantly improve the appearance of the teeth and smile. Our medical team after analysing the case of her […]