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Skeletal dentures

Skeletal dentures are removable dentures that complement the partial gaps in dentition. Their main advantage is the limitation of the prosthesis plate. This is extremely important especially for patients with vomiting. In the case of skeletal dentures, a special method of fixing in the mouth allows to significantly reduce the range of the prosthesis plate to a narrow and thin metal strip. Making these types of dentures, combinations of metal alloys with acrylic are most often used.

How are the skeletal dentures constructed?

The basic part of the frame denture is a metal structure that is ideally suited to the mucosa of the mouth and surrounding teeth. The metal framework of the prosthesis is equipped with special metal protrusions. Thorns dentures and braces. These are retention elements of skeletal prostheses responsible for more physiological transmission of forces than in settling prostheses. They are based on different tooth surfaces, which significantly limits the compression of the mucous membrane during chewing. It also prevents the unfavorable phenomenon with which we are dealing with other removable dentures – ie prosthesis settlement. The teeth are  able to withstand the skeletal denture than the classic acrylic denture, which much faster leads to loosening and loss of pillar teeth.

Skeletal dentures

In the case of patients with periodontitis and  high degree of loosening of teeth, we can propose also a splint. It is a special type of skeletal dentures whose construction is equipped with a more extensive clamp system. It allows to significantly reduce the risk of loosening the teeth by providing additional stabilization.

Clarity-free dentures – is it worth it?

A very interesting topic in the case of skeletal dentures are clasped dentures. It is the best prosthetic restoration among removable dentures. This type of dentures usually requires the development of several teeth and porcelain crowns. The whole together with the frame denture is a combined work, which thanks to the use of specific retention elements, for example snaps, attached to the crown cemented in the mouth, allows you to give up in the case of a frame denture with clamps. On the inside of the prosthesis there is a special matrix that allows for stable fixation of the prosthesis in the oral cavity. The matrix coincides with the mentioned latches present at the porcelain crowns. In summary, this type of skeletal dentures always provides excellent stabilization of the prosthesis and is a very cosmetic solution.
The attached pictures show how the Patient’s appearance changed after the classical acrylic prosthesis changed into a frame denture, classed in combination work.

Skeletal dentures

It should be remembered that before making any dentures, all teeth must be carefully examined for prognosis, caries lesions cured and the stone and sediment removed.

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