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Digital crowns Lava

The digital crowns Lava, Cercon, Procera, made in the digital CAD / CAM technique are all-ceramic crowns often associated by patients as simply digital crowns. Currently, it has become very common. Even 10 years ago, access to this type of products was very limited in Poland due to the manufacturing technology that was not yet available. They are distinguished by excellent cosmetics and tightness, thanks to which they strongly limited the use of classic porcelain crowns fused with various metal alloys.

Digital crowns Lava

What are the Lava digital crowns made of ?

The base of crowns made in this technique is a cap made of zirconium oxide. In the dental laboratory, it is performed on the basis of a computer scan carried out on the patient’s plaster model. Then the image is sent to a special milling machine, which cuts out the desired shape of the cap from a small zirconium block. The manufacturing technology ensures perfect tightness of such a crown. This is of great importance especially in the subgingival region. Lava digital crowns do not cause irritation or inflammation. This zircon cap serves as the basis of the crown, on which the technician will burn subsequent layers of ceramics responsible for the aesthetic appearance of the future crown. Depending on what the pillar tooth is made of where the future crown will be cemented, the dental technician has available translucent or opaque zirconium blocks, completely matt.

Korony cyfrowe Lava

If the dentist plans to make a CAD-CAM zirconia crown on a dead tooth that is dark, or on a tooth equipped with a steel insert, this information is passed to the laboratory. In such a situation, a dental technician will use a matt block to make a zirconium foundation. Thanks to this, the future crown camouflages all discolorations and gray shades that are initially on the tooth. The withdrawal from the use of crowns on the basis of metal alloys limited the occurrence of allergic reactions. The so-called digital crowns are completely hypoallergenic. The risk of allergies to their components is minimal.

In our Implant Clinic, the digital crowns Lava, Cercon, Procera are the prosthetic restoration of the first choice. Due to their properties, aesthetics and high strength, they are used successfully both in the anterior segment as well as in the case of lateral teeth and work on implants.

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