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Contemporary Prosthodontics allows to restore the occlusion after losing teeth or after a significant damage done to them. Dentures are used to replace missing teeth and they can be divided into fixed (permanently cemented in the mouth), removable (removable from the mouth) and combined ( removable dentures connected fived dentures with metal clamps, clips and  telescopic crowns).  We offer dentures such as removable: acrylic dentures, metal-based frame dentures, nylon dentures,  acetal dentures as well as fixed dental ceramic crowns and bridges (metal-based and metal-free), crown-root inlays, onlays and veneers. In each clinical situation, after a thorough dental examination, the doctor is able to present the patient with several variants of prosthetic solutions.

Protetyka Gdańsk

Fixed dentures:

Classic porcelain crowns and bridges.
This is ceramics fused to metal. Nowadays such kinds of dentures are made where ceramics is fused to nickel-free metal, which minimizes the risk of allergies. Thanks to our cooperation with the best dental laboratories, when we perform even a single crown, we can reach the “chameleon effect”. In more complicated situations, the patient is sent directly to the laboratory for a color adjustment or individual painting. It results in minor stains on ceramics that gives an indication of the characteristics of the adjacent tooth. With the use of the porcelain degree of color matching in such dentures together with an adequate atraumatic tooth preparation a doctor can avoid  the staining of gum tissue.

All-ceramic crowns and bridges.
They are performed in the Empress technology as well as they are compatible with CERCON and PROCERA systems. These are the most cosmetic crowns available on the market. Ceramics has no metal framework, thus it is distinguished by impeccable aesthetics. The above-mentioned CERCON and PROCERA systems determine the creation of the inner layer of the crown ( the so called “ zirconium cap”) on the basis of a computer scan by a milling machine. The technological advancement of this procedure allows to achieve an aesthetically and mechanically perfect crown.

Crown-root inlays.
This group can include the standard inlays made of glass fiber to reinforce the tooth after root canal treatment or as a part of the reconstruction of the fractured tooth crown. There are also inlays made of steel and gold alloys. These are custom made inlays prepared for patients in the laboratory. They make the prosthetic reconstruction of even the most damaged vital teeth (even using only the roots) possible.

Crown, ceramic and composite inlays.
They make the reconstruction of damaged tooth crowns, both the live and dead, possible. In some clinical situations they are a good alternative for porcelain crowns.

Porcelain veneers.
They are applied to live teeth, in most cases to the front ones in order to improve their aesthetics. Only the front side of the teeth is ground to a minimal extent. Protecting the tissues of the tooth while preparing the application of veneers is a priority in order to prevent the occurrence of inflammation.

Glass Abutment System ZX27
Is an element of porcelain bridges. It is very often a good alternative to implants. Masticatory pressure is redistributed over all teeth. In many situations, the system allows our doctors to perform fixed prosthetic work which is in many cases more comfortable that some removable prosthetic work.

Removable dentures:

Acrylic full and partial dentures.
They are an economical alternative to implants for edentulous patients and those with many missing teeth. Thanks to our cooperation with an experienced laboratory performing this type of work, our doctors are always sure that the dentures they apply are always optimal.

Skeletal dentures
They fill up the spaces created by lost teeth with the use of metal clasps and hooks applied to the residual dentition of the patient. This makes the redistribution of forces more physiological unlike in the case of settling dentures.

Acetal and Nylon dentures
They are new on the market. In many clinical situations the clasps can be manufactured in the color of gums or teeth. They are also relatively light, so that the patient’s adaptation to the new denture is much faster.

Clasps-free dentures in combined works.
They are a combination of crowns or bridges and a removable denture. In many cases such reconstruction is the best prosthetic solution. The denture is connected to the crowns with special retention elements. These are, among others, locks, latches, bolts,(zamki, zasuwy, rygle) etc. contained within the filling in the invisible to the eye area. This ensures perfect stabilization, cosmetics and comfort.