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Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry – In this field of dentistry, the primary role of dentists is to treat caries that touches the tissues of hard teeth. Most often, this treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Using by our dentist anesthesias are characterized by rapid and long time of action. They are absolutely safe even for pregnant women and those who are suffering from serious illnesses.

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What can we expect during the visit?

For the diagnosis of caries, the dentist uses not only his eyesight, but also a number of additional diagnostic tools, headed by radiogonography (RVG). This is a modern digital x-ray examination with a minimum dose of radiation but with very high accuracy and resolution. The pantomographic picture is an excellent overview, an inseparable part of the review or a comprehensive treatment plan. Optical instruments such as a microscope or a surgical microscope are also valuable.

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The treatment of tooth decay is mostly perform by the dentist during one visit. After proper development of carious cavity by means of rotary tools and digestive-binding systems, the cavity filling phase is completed. It is extremely important  to maintain the ideal dryness of the treatment area, which helps to use, for example, cofferdam.

Lost tooth tissues are usually recreated using a material called a composite. The cavity is filled by the dentist with the composite material gradually. Under the influence of the light emitted by the special polymerization lamp is permanently hardened. Only the use of the highest quality composite materials guarantees aesthetic appearance of the fill and the perfect tightness of its edges. Properly placed filling will successfully surrvive  many years in intact condition. In our everyday practice at Perfect Smile we only use materials from recognized and respected worldwide manufacturers from USA, Japan and Germany.

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In addition to treating tooth decay, dentist also deals with the treatment of dental pulp diseases, which are mainly the consequences of untreated tooth decay. Consequently, the conservative dentistry has identified a separate department – endodontics. The basic treatment is root canal treatment.