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In dentistry, apart from conservative treatment, dental prevention plays an equally important role in being healthy. It begins at the stage of oral hygiene instructions and appropriately motivating the patient. You will learn from the doctor about the principles of oral hygiene, how to choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste, the proper brushing method as well as such hygiene products as mouthwash, floss and irrigators. Such knowledge enables you to focus on the prevention every day at home, and the professional prevention will be an addition when you visit a dentist.

Periodontologia Gdańsk

As for prevention, we offer the following treatments:

  • teeth varnishing, fluoridation;
  • dental sealants;
  • Scaling and sandblasting.

Fluoridation is a procedure performed on permanent teeth and it involves strengthening dental enamel by covering it with fluoride-based varnish. Enriched with more fluoride ions enamel is more resistant to decay.
Fluoridation is also performed in order to reduce hypersensitivity, for example by varnishing the exposed surface of the root. Fluoride application is completely painless and does not cause the discoloration of teeth.

Dental sealants are placed on children’s permanent molars. Their role is to prevent bacterial colonization and the development of decay in dental grooves and fissures. A liquid sealant is applied on the dry and clean surface of the tooth and it is later hardened by blue spectrum natural light. Periodic dental inspection of the tightness of the sealant  is recommended as there are heavy pressures effected on teeth during chewing every day.

Scaling and sandblasting are treatments aimed at removing dental deposits. Scaling is performed using ultrasonic instruments. The resulting vibrations at the tip of the scaler break both the supragingival and subgingival tartar.

Periodontologia Gdańsk

Sandblasting is another method of cleaning teeth. The mixture of air, water and sodium bicarbonate applied under pressure quickly and effectively removes the deposits and stains on the teeth. In the field of periodontics, we offer prevention treatment as well as healing periodontal diseases and oral mucosa.