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Modern dental diagnostics

Modern dental diagnostics is used to help in the right diagnosis of diseases of oral cavity and allows a dentist to apply effective treatment plan. Our Dental Clinic is a multidisciplinary institution, because our doctors – dentists, and in the same time specialists, conduct a complete dental diagnostics on the spot. Basic treatment includes:

  • digital radiology, panoramic x-ray and 3D cone beam computed tomography;
  • physical examination of the periodontal tissues;
  • physical examination of the oral cavity;
  • physical examination of the lymph nodes;
  • physical examination of the temporomandibular joints;
  • the medical interview with the patient;

To fully realize dental diagnostics, in our Clinic at your disposal is high quality diagnostic medical equipment, which allows to conduct noninvasive and therefore completely painless physical examination. Among other things, physical examination is preformed on:

Diagnostyka stomatologiczna

CT Scanner of prestigious Japanese’s company Morita. It has a high-frequency generator which gives the reduction of the radiation which provides in the patient, as well as, the operating personnel safety. Veraviewepocs 3D is a modern, fully digital camera for taking pantomographic 2D pictures, 3D computed tomography imaging, as well as, radiograph of temporomandibular joint and maxillary sinus.

Diagnostyka stomatologiczna Gdańsk

Kodak’s Digital Radiography is a modern digital system to perform intraoral X-rays. The dose of radiation emitted during the examination is 10 times less than produced by traditional X-ray. X-ray images of individual tooth help to make an accurate diagnosis. The picture is saved on a special compact disc and red by the device called Vista Scan, which is later send to the doctor’s computer.

Radiovisiography Vista Scan produced by the Durr’s company is a device for reading digital X-ray images.

Please visit us with any problem, or just to inspect your teeth- especially those who suffer from rapidly progressive decay, children and adolescents, and patients prone to rapid sedimentation of tartar. Current diagnosis improves the comfort of everyday life and reduces the cost of the subsequent treatment.