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Implantology is the primary activity of Gdansk Perfect Smile Dental Clinic. We guarantee our patients a completely painless treatment of all procedures concerning implantology, as well as, any kind of surgeries. The surgical procedure of administration of anesthesia. through the use of modern, fully safe, and proper technique, does not have to be stressful and painful surgery anymore.

Implantologia Gdańsk

Our doctors gained competence of physicians implantologists under the guidance of the best, world-renowned specialists such as Dr. Carl Misch, Dr. Maurice Salama, Dr. K.Valavanis, prof. Ady Palti. What is more, they participated in the clinical trials and practical courses where they had a possibility to solve a complex, and very difficult cases in the field of implantology. Polish Association of Implantology awarded them with the Certificate of Licensed Practice of Implantology. It is a very important award, granted only to those physicians, who have completed postgraduate training in implantology course- Curriculum Implantology. It is worth to add, that they also belong to the elite implant associations in Europe and all around the world.

The high demands of our doctors are the guarantee of the highest standards of treatment at Perfect Smile Clinic. A multidisciplinary approach to treatment is the latest trend in the world, which is successfully used in our clinic to help our patients in the regeneration of their teeth. By using our dental services you can be sure that you use the most modern methods of treatment- from diagnosis, through channel dental care under a microscope, implantology (dental implants) and cosmetic dentistry.

Implantologia Gdańsk

All services are done on the spot, completely painless and in optimally short time to minimize the patient’s waiting time for the effects. All this can be achieved through the use of modern methods of treatment and the latest generation of equipment used in the best clinics such as in the USA, Europe and Asia. We offer: x- ray computed tomography, dental microscope, Assistina and implant systems of many renowned companies.

Perfect Smile Dental Clinic was established in 2008. The experience and knowledge gained over all these years allows us to offer you the best possible price and quality service. We are a very important recipient of dental implants, this is why, we can negotiate the lowest prices from our implants distributors, which means attractive pricing services in our clinic.

You are more than welcome to Perfect Smile Clinic!