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A toothache is the most common reason for visiting  the dentist. A pain is a signal that tells us that something is wrong. In such a situation, root canal treatment is necessary. Root canal treatment or endodontics treatment involves the removal of a tissue, called the pulp located in the root canal, and filling it with a suitable bio-compatible material. The pulp is a nerve tissue with blood vessels that nourish the tooth as well as other cellular entities having different functions. In the case of untreated tooth deep decay, bacterial toxins damage the delicate tissue and lead to inflammation. The inflammation can manifest itself through pain, or in the case of chronic inflammation, proceed without any symptoms or rare pain that usually disappears. A dentist, basing on conversation with the patient, radiography, and so-called “food tests”, can indicate whether root canal treatment is necessary.


How is the treatment carried out?

The modern methods of root canal treatment (endodontics) allow for medication of a tooth during one or  two visits. The procedure is done under anesthesia, so it is completely painless. Thanks to modern technology, complete recovery and saving the tooth is possible. The condition, however, is that the canal or canals (front teeth usually have one canal, while side teeth can have two, three, and in some cases up to four canals) are completely filled. In order to have the tooth completely filled and the treatment be fully effective, it is necessary to control the length of the canal, use suitable materials for fillings and apply modern techniques of obturation. This requires, among the others, the following instruments:

  • endometer – an electronic device used to measure the length of the root canal;
  • Radiovisiography (RVG) – is used to make X-ray displayed on the monitor; screen next to the dentist’s chair;
  • Modern endodontic micro motor – Reciproc Silver VDW with endometer;
  • OBTURA – a thermal system for obturation;
  • Sterile root canal instruments.

Root canal treatment (endodontics) is also suitable for broken teeth, which can be rebuild with the use of dentures and crowns. Each tooth is worth its weight in gold as it can serve in the future as a pillar for the dental bridge, etc.

Nowadays, one can save a lot of very damaged teeth, which will still serve their owners for years. The cost of decent endodontic treatment is due to the technology that is used. However, the money spent will pay off in the future as the treatment will allow to keep the tooth for good. Poorly treated root canal teeth should be removed or retreated. The only alternative is an extraction. Replacing the removed toot with an  implant-based prosthetic reconstruction is much more expensive than a good quality root canal treatment.