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Aesthetic Dentistry

A dentist is responsible not only for the health care, but also for the quality of life of his patient. This is why, we created our clinic in such a way, that it will change your approach to the aesthetic dentistry.

The use of dental materials of the highest quality and advanced processes of restoration of dentures, enable us to beautify and refresh every smile. We offer a range of solutions, depending on your preferences, to improve the aesthetics of teeth. The choice of each strategy is preceded by a dental examination, which is performed with the use of modern diagnostic methods and the most modern of x-ray and tomography. Information obtained with the help of this examination is the basis for the later discussion with the patient to determine individualized treatment plan. Teeth whitening or restoration, and dentures will allow you to discover what the real smile is.

Stomatologia estetyczna

What do we offer :

Teeth whitening with the use of lamp or overlay method: only within an hour you can get a satisfactory effect of white teeth. As the addition to the teeth whitening we offer individually made, for the each patient, whitening overlays for the home use, with a special whitening preparation. Overlay method can also be used without prior bleaching lamp as a separate method of teeth whitening.

Stomatologia estetyczna

In this case goal set by our patient could have been reached by teeth whitening and use of veeners and ceramic crowns.

Porcelain veneers lead, in a soft way, to a longer life for your real teeth- this treatment allows to achieve a sensational aesthetic effect by removing the discoloration associated with the underdevelopment of enamel, intake of antibiotics in the childhood, or the accumulation of plaque around the old fillings.

Destroyed teeth can be repaired and reinforced easily using an aesthetic zirconium crowns.

All ceramic dental crowns (CERCON and PROCERA) – thanks to the use of the most advanced technological processes in the procedure of their production, these crowns can be characterized by the highest aesthetics and perfect permanent marginal tightness in existing markets.

Impressive makeover of a smile with just few porcelain crowns.