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Dental Services

Our dental clinic offers a wide range of dental services – we use the most modern methods of diagnosis, as well as treatment. The patient is the most important for us, this is why we offer interdisciplinary treatment planning which is not only focused on selective treatment of one tooth, but also on a broader view on your dental health and appearance. Today’s dentistry offers innovative and simple methods of cosmetic dental treatment that can significantly improve quality of life, and in addition have positive impact on your look.

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During the first visit, the doctor gives an interview with the patient about his expectations and any possible concerns. What is more, he states if there is a necessity for the implementation of any changes, and when it is essential, designs and presents the possible treatment for the improvement of your appearance. Perfect, shiny smile plays an extremely important role in our lives. This is why, in our clinic, with bright and modern interiors, in an atmosphere of relaxation, our doctors restore the natural functions of teeth, improve their appearance, color and shape.

Our specialty

  • Dental implants


    Any implant can be treated like a foreign body that is used to restore a natural function and aesthetics of the damaged parts of body or organ.

  • Dental Treatment

    Dental Treatment

    Perfect Smile Dental Clinic was designed with the most demanding group of patients in mind.

Why Perfect Smile Dental Clinic?

Teeth whitening treatment gives the effect of snow white smile. Reflected light from the whitened teeth brightens the complexion and acts as a rejuvenating treatment. On the other hand, dental veneers correct the bite and act as a face lift.

You have to remember that the loss of even a single tooth can lead to a very serious health consequences- the skin loses its natural support, and its elasticity. Consequently, it reduces your comfort in dealing with other people. This is why we offer you the latest generation of dental implants that look like natural teeth, and provide the same quality of life as with natural teeth. Additionally, we offer the highest quality of dental prosthetics- offered dentures are made by the best prosthetic labs. Ceramic crowns, tooth bridges and dentures.

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