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Treatment of endodontic failures

The most common cause of tooth loss are complications after root canal treatment. Incorrectly endodontically treated teeth are a source of infection in the mouth, and an inflammatory focus that poses a threat to the whole body. Undetected and untreated  can in a state of reduced immunity (other disease, pregnancy, advanced age) be a source of very dangerous bacteria, which the body can not cope without general treatment. Not always the teeth that are the focus of inflammation cause pain symptoms. Often patients unaware of the danger live normal for many years.

What does the treatment look like?

The moment when such an infected tooth becomes an active inflammation is difficult to predict. Therefore, a very important element of dental prophylaxis and diagnostics is taking every 2 years demonstrative, pantomographic images of the entire jaw and mandible. In situations where such teeth are not suitable for root canal treatment, most often due to high destruction of own tooth tissues and iatrogenic damage, tooth extraction becomes indispensable. In the next step, cleanse the bones of inflammatory lesions and supply the missing tooth with an implant. Implant surgery can be performed immediately after tooth extraction or in  2-3 months after removal, depending on individual conditions.

Leczenie niepowodzeń endodontycznych

Cracked tooth root under the crown – purulent fistula visible.

Teeth previously treated by root canal, in order to extend their bounce and reduce susceptibility to fractures, should be properly equipe prosthetically and functionally. The most common are fiberglass or metal alloy inserts that rebuild the tooth core. A porcelain crown is mounted on the tooth stump.Nowadays, most often on a zirconium foundation.Made in the CAD / CAM digital technique. Unfortunately, a certain percentage of teeth properly secured and rebuilt in this way over time can also break and, as a consequence, lose.

Leczenie niepowodzeń endodontycznych

The crown on an implant.

By protecting the tooth with a crown, the possibility of a root fracture in the future cannot be 100% ruled out. However, you can significantly reduce the chances of this type of complication. In the case of serious complications in root canal treatment or when a tooth is qualified for removal, implantologists are able to fill the missing teeth of the highest quality with dental implants in our Clinic.