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Tooth implant

The tooth implant is currently the most physiological solution to complete the lack of teeth. After all, the problem of single missing teeth is very common. The loss of each tooth creates a cosmetic defect, foreclose proper chewing and adversely affects the entire stomatognathic system. The bone in the area of the lack of teeth begins to disappear very quickly after extraction (breaking or falling out), what can also cause changes in the face profile and the appearance of the elderly. Hence, very important aspect is the implantation of the tooth implant, the most natural replica of the tooth, as soon as possible. Thanks to this, the tooth bone tissue is still stimulated and does not disappear.

Implant zęba Gdańsk

  Alternative reconstruction using a dental bridge.

Implant zęba

This type of solution, as seen in the attached graphics is associated with irreversible loss of tooth tissues that need to be ground. It can sometimes cause root canal treatment for these teeth due to inflammation. During days ,of course, progressive bone loss occurs, which causes food to goes under the bridge and may contribute to caries of ground pillar teeth.

A much better solution is a tooth implant with a porcelain crown, restoring the function of chewing, without sawing teeth and reducing bone loss.

Tooth implant – implementation procedure:

  1. Consultation visit. During it, our implantologists will take a few panoramic images, and sometimes also photos in 3d technique which calles computed tomography, analyze the case in question and will prepare a treatment plan.
  2. Fixing of a tooth implant. It takes place in a completely painless way. Under local anesthesia, a tooth bed is prepared in the bone, and then inserted into the tooth implant.
  3. Making a porcelain crown on a dental implant. After about 3 months, depending on the clinical situation, a special impression is made on the basis of which a screw-on connector for the implant is made and a porcelain crown individually adjusted to the rest of teeth.

Examples of dentical work on a single tooth implant made by dentists
in the Perfect Smile dental and implant clinic.

Implant zęba Gdańsk 06

Fixed, bone integrated tooth implant after 3 months.

Implant zęba Gdańsk 07

Titanium connector screwed to the tooth implant.

Implant zęba Gdańsk 08

Porcelain crown cemented on the connector.

We use only the best implants to perform the entire procedure. Nevertheless, the price of implantation is not higher than the price of using the bridge itself. Therefore, we recommend Patients to use the latest technologies for their own good.