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Sudden tooth loss

Sudden tooth loss due to unwanted, unwanted stroke effects is not often seen at  our patients. The most common cause of tooth loss are complications after root canal treatment. The structure of teeth, even correctly rooted, is weakened over time and they can withstand worse the loads generated during biting. The risk of fracture and loss of such a tooth can be reduced by performing a prosthetic reconstruction such as a porcelain crown. Unfortunately, even a perfectly made crown will not eliminate this risk 100%.

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When does sudden tooth loss occur?

It happens that the root after root canal treatment despite proper protection of the tooth crown still breaks under the influence of occlusal forces. In the case of an emergency, such as an unexpected tooth injury or root fracture leading to its loss, we are forced to seek quick dental assistance. The best solution, if there is a sudden loss of a tooth, is to supplement its lack with a dental implant.

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Implanting a dental implant is a simple, safe and predictable procedure that allows you to quickly replace a broken root with a new “third” tooth. It takes place under local anesthesia, during the procedure the patient does not feel any pain. Post-treatment recommendations contain instructions on how to minimize the inconvenience associated with the treatment.

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Our implantologists have very high, global qualifications in the field of implantology, and many years of clinical experience in implant and prosthetic treatment. They have already helped many patients in situations of sudden loss of their own tooth. The effects of treatment at Perfect Smile Clinic allow you to enjoy a healthy and full smile for years.