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Specialist implantologist

Implantology at the highest world level has been available in our Perfect Smile Clinic in Gdańsk since a long time. The owners of Perfect Smile Clinic, dr Marek Markiewicz and dr Tomasz Zarański are implantologists with the highest degree of specialization in implantology. The skills and knowledge of our implantologists have been confirmed by the title of expert in dental implantology – DIPLOMATE, by the largest implantological organizations: ICOI, DGOI and PSI. It’s more than only  a specialist implantologist.

Specialist implantologist Tomasz Zaranski.

Specjalista implantolog Tomasz Zarański

Specialist implantologist Marek Markiewicz.

Specjalista implantolog Marek Markiewicz

Our implantologists have accumulated their experience in implantology for many years. They participated in many courses conducted in the country and abroad by the greatest celebrities and authorities of world implantology. They have achieved a lot of certificates confirming their completion. The highest degree of implantological skills was verified by an international examination commission during the DIPLOMATE ICOI / DGOI / PSI examinations, which our implantologists took. The knowledge and practical skills demonstrated by the examined doctors, as well as the experience presented in comprehensive implant planning and treatment, were rated very positively by the examiners.

The DIPLOMATE title is the highest achievement in activity and membership of international implantology associations: ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists), DGOI (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Oral Implantologie) and PSI (Polish Implantological Association).

Our implantologists belong to the elite group of the best implantologists in the world. This was confirmed by the independent Swiss organization Leading Implant Centers, which is a knowledge base of implant specialists for patients from around the world. That is why we offer implantology services at the highest world level.