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Short implants

Bone loss after tooth loss is an irreversible and unavoidable process. Long-term lack of teeth leads to the formation of a very large bone deficit, which makes implantation procedures often impossible to perform without additional bone regeneration procedures. Too thin bone cannot provide implants with adequate stabilization and anchoring, which means that it cannot perform its function properly. Bone regenerative procedures such as augmentation, transplantation or elevation of the maxillary sinus are intended to provide space for an implant that is too large for the dimensions of the jaw or jaw bone.

Short implants and ultra-short Bicon implants.

The solution that allows to protect anatomical structures and in many cases eliminates the need for the above-mentioned procedures are Bicon short and ultra-short implants. In difficult anatomical conditions, and in patients suffering from serious systemic diseases, bone regenerative procedures pose a significant burden. They extend the entire treatment process over time, further increasing the cost of the entire treatment.

Krótkie implanty Bicon

Thanks to the unique shape of Bicon implants, we can successfully rebuild lost teeth on implants. Even in very difficult bone conditions. Bicon short implants have a “plateau” (“barrel”) shape. It makes each implant have at least 30% more bone integration space than any classic shape implant in this size. It is not true that an implant must be long to function well. Scientific research shows that bone integration is more important than the length. It is influenced by both the length and width as well as the surface shape of the implant.

Krótkie implanty Bicon

The Bicon company has many years of experience, confirmed by the results of scientific research regarding the advantages of using short implants. Solutions on the Bicon system, originating in the USA, are used all over the world to the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of patients. They are currently also available in Poland for several years. We invite you to implantology consultations at our Clinic. Our implantologists are certified specialists with extensive surgical experience and modern implantological solutions.