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Root canal treatment or dental implant

The most common reason that makes us visit a dentist is a toothache. Unfortunately, most often it is a signal which informs us that something bad is happening with our teeth. Most often in this situation, patients are wondering whether it is better to opt for root canal treatment or dental implant. Oftimes, root canal treatment seems to be a faster and less invasive procedure, requiring several visits to the dentist. The dental implant, on the other hand, allows you to recreate lost teeth and enjoy the recovered smile without the risk of recurrence. In this situation, a dentist intervention is necessary, it will fully assess which treatment in a given situation will be more beneficial.

What is the difference between root canal treatment and implant surgery?

Root canal treatment aims to prevent tooth loss. Very often, missing teeth are caused by developing caries. In the case of untreated deep dental caries, bacterial toxins damage the delicate tissue and lead to inflammation. Inflammation can manifest itself in pain or in the case of chronic pulpitis run without any symptoms, possibly with episodic pain, which usually disappear. The root canal treatment itself is the removal of internal infected tooth tissue, canal cleaning, disinfection and filling with appropriate materials.

Leczenie kanałowe czy implant stomatologiczny

However, the implantation or multiple implants is essentially proceed in  a three main stages. In the first step, after a preliminary analysis of the condition of the dentition, the pantograph’s pics, the doctor will drill a hole in the alveolar process. The treatment is completely painless and usually lasts no longer than 2 hours. After the bone has been implanted, the healing bolt is screwed in. After several days of healing over, the implant is ready to apply the crown.

Root canal treatment or dental implant? If you are wondering what to choose, we invite you to consult our Perfect Smile clinic, where our team of dentists will fully assess the problem and help you make your decision.