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Rehabilitation of the masticatory apparatus

In our Clinic work only experienced implantologists, with over 10 years of surgical experience in the field of surgery and implantology. They have the necessary knowledge to ensure that the final treatment effect meets both the patient’s expectations and functional requirements. They also completed numerous courses in implant prosthetics. It is a department of dentistry dealing with prosthetic restorations fixed on implants. It is this part of implantological treatment that completes the entire healing process, its subject is porcelain crowns or complex superstructures that restore the proper aesthetics and chewing functions.

What is the rehabilitation of the masticatory apparatus?

An example of full rehabilitation of the masticatory apparatus is the implementation of a prosthesis mounted on 4 implants in the jaw. One of our patients had residual teeth, which due to the high degree of destruction was not suitable for leaving. In the initial phase of treatment, it was painlessly and efficiently removed.

Rehabilitacja narządu żucia

During the healing process, we made a  temporary prosthesis for the patient, which allowed him  to function freely among family and friends  and, for example, at work. After healing of the jaw, computed tomography was performed in our Department. It is a modern, non-invasive imaging examination. It allows the doctor ordering to get acquainted with the anatomy and quality of the jaw bone before the planned implantation.

Thanks to the 3D image from computed tomography, a digital simulation of the implant surgery was performed in order to have a proven and ready action scenario during the actual surgery. The procedure of implanting implants thanks to accurate imaging and proper digital planning is a predictable procedure that does not strain the patient’s health in any way.

Rehabilitacja narządu żucia

After obtaining the stabilization of the implants, the doctor has prepared a prosthesis mounted on implants. Such a stabilized prosthesis provides the patient with a very high standard of living, enabling normal functioning and ensuring a perfect aesthetic effect. The patient regains proper facial features and well-being. The rehabilitation of the masticatory apparatus ended with full success.

Rehabilitacja narządu żucia