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Price of implant placement

Dental implants allow you to restore your lost teeth in the most faithful and natural way. Together with the teeth, we restore the function of proper chewing, aesthetic smile and proper facial features. The price of implant placement and, consequently, the restoration of missing teeth may seem high and expensive at first time of thinking. However, it should not be forgotten that this is a highly specialized treatment. It should be performed by properly trained and experienced implantologists,  global safety standards should be maintained and of course high-class treatment equipment should be used.

What affects the price of implants?

Proper qualification of the patient for the procedure, its correct implementation and proper post-operative control guarantee the longevity of the new teeth that the patient receives after implantation. Over the years, when the patient will enjoy the comfort of dental implants, the quality of implants and surgery will be remembered more than the price of implants.

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Price of implant placement.

The price of implant placement varies around the world. As we wrote above, it will depend, among other things, on the experience of the implantologist and the surgical and diagnostic equipment at the Clinic where we decide to place an implants.
There are a lot of companies producing and supplying implants on the market. This diversity also affects the price of implants, though not as large as the quality of services and experience of the implantologist. There are companies with several decades of tradition in the production of implants. However, relatively young companies have no worse performance in the production of high-quality implants. They have a very large scientific and technological base. They put a lot of emphasis on the use of the latest technologies and product innovation.

The answer to the question about the price of replacement of lost teeth with implants can be given by the implantologist only after performing the examination in the Clinic and taking X-ray pictures of the teeth or computed tomography. Our doctors approach each situation individually. They are often able to propose several solutions, which has a positive effect on the final price of implants.
It should be mentioned that the price of supplementing one missing tooth with an implant is comparable to the price of a traditional bridge based on neighboring teeth. In this situation, we avoid grinding two healthy teeth, which is an additional, invaluable benefit for the future.

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