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Missing tooth and what’s next ?

It is possible to not have any treatment at all however at the back of the mouth this causes an obvious problem with chewing. At the back of the mouth a missing tooth can also lead to tilting of teeth either side of the space which will cause problems with the way your teeth fit together in the long term and may lead to functional problems with your bite. Teeth opposing the gap may overgrow over time and again this will lead to bite problems which can be much harder to sort out at a later date.

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Untreated dental deficiences.

Pain and discomfort related to treatment.

In general a single implant placement is associated with minimal pain and discomfort afterwards. During the procedure itself you should not experience any pain at all as I use very effective local anaesthetics to numb the area being worked on which are the same that would be used for extracting a tooth.
I provide Ibuprofen to be taken immediately before the procedure and this carries on working for several hours afterwards. In the care pack that you will be given there is more Ibuprofen if needed. Most patients report that one or two tablets are needed for the day of treatment but generally the day after there is little or no pain.

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Missing tooth – displacement of neighbouring teeth.

Immediate post-operative care.

Plan the implant placement so that you are not going on holiday or have any special occasions immediately afterwards in case you have some swelling or bruising visible. I suggest that you also plan to eat soft foods for 3-4 days afterwards to ensure that the stitches are not disturbed during the very important initial healing time. Foods such as fish, soups, mashed potato are ideal. Avoid crusty breads and hard chewy foods during this time. I suggest that you avoid alcohol and Aspirin for 24 hours afterwards as this can lead to bleeding or bruising.